Private Classes for Corporations
If your company has multiple students who want to learn English, we can provide special classes catered to the needs of your employees. If your employees need English classes particular to your specific industry, need help with presentations, or just need help with general English to improve their communications skills, we can tailor the class specifically to your needs.
 Executive Combination
The Executive Combination program is ideal for those employed in senior roles.
The course is designed in consultation with you, and provides a unique opportunity to combine intensive 1-to-1 sessions with eight hours a week of group activities with other professionals.
The highly intensive 1-to-1 program is tailored to your precise business needs. You then join small classes which allow you to mix with other professionals, putting into practice what you’ve learned, and increasing confidence and fluency.
An additional benefit of group work is that you can network with other clients, allowing you to discuss business issues, share ideas, and develop your communication skills.

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