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Study with a J-1 Visa Minimize

  • Use the J-1 to come to the U.S. as an exchange student or scholar. 
  • Use the W/T for a short trip to the U.S. and enjoy a short-term course at CSE. 
  • Do not use the J-1 or W/T to study full-time at CSE. 
  • Become a student in a full-time program at CSE by changing visa status. 
  • The J-1 and W/T are also available to eligible applicants who want to pursue their educational or career goals in the U.S.

The Exchange Visitor/Scholar Visa (J-1) allows you to travel to the United States to study or teach in an American university as part of an international cultural exchange program.  You can also come to the U.S. on a J-1 to perform work as an ‘au pair.'  You should not apply for the J-1 if you would like to become a full-time student in an English school.  However, you are permitted to take a short part-time English course if it does not interfere with your primary responsibilities as an exchange student, scholar, or au pair. 




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